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LEON Congress & Events Ltd.

Our Services

We are absolutely passionate about simple yet sophisticated participant experience that we, and our clients, are very proud of.


LEON Congress presents three main financial opportunities,
  1. Budget Projection Analysis,
  2. Venue Options Evaluations,
  3. Prepayments
We sign the contract with the preferred Venue and make the prepayments, so the financial risk of the event is always on us.


Operation team of LEON Congress consist of personnel with Master's Degree and are ready to help you assist with the academic needs of the event like,
  1. Research on Similar Events,
  2. Event Calendar Planning,
  3. Content Development,
  4. Secretariat.


We have years of experience with different event softwares. Now we have all the best options in one programme. Please enjoy! We Offer:
  • Registration Software,
  • Abstract Submission Software,
  • Reviewer Software,
  • Accomodation Management,
  • Participant Relations,
  • Attendee Information Management,
  • Event Mobile Application,
  • Graphic Design of E-books


We always work with the equipment we own. That's how we know, everything will work just fine!
  1. Laptops for the Info Desk and Presentations,
  2. Printers, Scanners, Pointers and Other Useful Devices,
  3. Internet Hub Setting,
  4. AV Equipment,
  5. Sound and Lighting,
  6. Photo and Video Shooting.

Design and Printing

Our visionary design team always provide the most impressive online and printed materials. We design and publish,
  1. Website,
  2. Brochures, Posters, Certificates, Programme, Name Tags and Abstract Books,
  3. Stage Backdrop,
  4. Photo Call.


Smart, experienced and presentable staff is the key factor of a successful event. Our well educated personnel is the best support we can have!
  1. Chair Assistants,
  2. Host and Hostesses,
  3. Simultaneous Translators,
  4. Technics,
  5. Guest Relations,
  6. Tour Guides.


To us, a successful event is not the one with a huge crowd, but the one with the right group of people. So we will help you reach the people who will make use of the event most with,
  1. Distribution of the Printed Advertising Material,
  2. Informative e-mails,
  3. Social Media Campaigns,
  4. Promotional Materials and Gifts.


Most of the time we are limited with the financial possibilities. To expand these limits we get support from generous and visionary companies interested with the event. These events also present the opportunity of meeting many new ideas and successful professionals and the sponsors can get one on one time with them. We provide;
  1. Promoting the Event,
  2. Sponsor Search,
  3. Sponsorship Agreements,
  4. Special Discount Agreements.


There are many work packages that must be completed before participants arrive and some of them must be done on the site. Our clients are welcome to attend the event at the same time with the other participants. Because they know that we get everything done already! Like;
  1. Flight Tickets,
  2. Local Transfers,
  3. Location Management,
  4. Parallel Sessions Organizations,
  5. Technical Support,
  6. F&B Services Planning,
  7. Welcome Cocktail, Gala Dinner and Social Programme Planning,
  8. Decorations,
  9. Invited Speaker VIP Arrangements.

Post-Event Services

After everything we plan for months finished, just last couple of steps left before we all go to vacation...
  1. Participant Survey,
  2. Financial Analysis,
  3. Evaluation Report.


  • We believe that we can always do better than what we already accomplished and we pursue that persistently.

    Burak, LEON Congress Ltd.

  • Workshop Organizer LEON Congress was 5 starred on all participant evaluation forms.

    Food Dept., Akdeniz University

  • We just want every single one of the participants to be %100 satisfied with the event. Is it too much to ask for?

    Pınar, LEON Congress Ltd.

35 ISSY 2019


The Team

We are regarded as an industry expert in organizing the most smooth events, repaying the confidence of our customers in us.

Team Member


Team Member
İhsan Burak ÇAM


Award winning

The continued friendship with our customers is the best award we can hope to receive after a successful event.

Reach us anytime

  • We are online 20 hours a day,
  • Our mobile phones are reachable 24/7.

Quality work

We are deeply quality obsessed, that is the reason of our endless search for the better.

Foreseeable costs

The first move we make before every potantial event meeting is to prepare a financial forecast.

Goal oriented

Our team consist of people with great focus and determination.

We work fast

You know, there is no time like the present! We are here to get things done!


Different crowds, different needs. We are nothing if we can’t adapt!

We go the extra mile

Always expect more from our devoted leaders.



Our approach to hospitality, planning, technology & design is why some of the most significant scientists have chosen to partner with us.

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